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The Facebook Sales Funnel: A Converting Machine?

Advertising on Facebook may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve found, it’s a bit more complicated than simply posting an ad and waiting for conversions.  

The truth is, reaching your target audience on Facebook can be difficult without getting lost in the riff-raff of memes, popular news articles, and videos. Facebook is great to get a feel of your audience but to convert successfully on the platform, you’re gonna need a funnel.

Sales funnels are used on Facebook to optimize content and convert the customers who are truly essential to your brand. When done right, sales funnels are known to be extremely effective, turning independently owned businesses into multi-million dollar companies almost overnight. 

But is the Facebook sales funnel really the converting machine people say it is? It definitely can be, but it’s important to know exactly how to do it and to use your marketer’s intuition to build a strategy that will work for you again and again. 

Let’s take a look at how sales funnels work and how you can create your own Facebook marketing sales funnel strategy:

What Exactly Is A Facebook Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is used to retarget and engage your audience at different stages to appeal to their buying behavior. 

Sales funnels are a three-tiered system that begins with introducing your audience to your product, then getting more specific (generating leads), and finally nurturing those leads and generating a sale. 

The type of content used in the top two tiers of a sales funnel is meant to educate your target audience to get to that eventual conversion. Educating lessens the outright sales pitch approach, and focuses on organic sales growth and forming relationships with customers. 

Ultimately, sales funnels allow you to optimize how much money you spend on ads, content creation, and analytics. And the best part is, it functions completely through automation so long as your product is digital in nature and can be delivered automatically.

The sales funnel is divided into three stages: Target Audience Reach, Lead Generation, and Nurturing.

Target Audience Reach – Introduces your product to your target audience in a broad, subtle way. 

Lead Generation – Retargets users of your target audience who have already engaged with your product with interactive and more specified content. 

Nurturing – Interacts with retargeted users in a more direct one-on-one way to encourage the last stage of conversion into an eventual sale. 

Let’s go more into depth about what each stage of a sales funnel entails:

Target Audience Reach

Facebook, although not great for immediate conversion, is very effective to find your target audience. The social ease of Facebook is what makes this possible, as well as the highly clickable and scrollable content that is constantly updated and targeted through an intelligible algorithm. 

Once you have decided on your target audience, it’s time to create a Facebook ad that introduces your brand. 

It’s important to make your brand visible to your target audience, but not too direct. Keep the content subtle, with an educating tone while staying general and broad. Some ideas to get your voice out there could be a light-hearted Facebook ad or even a Facebook video introducing an aspect of your product. 

Remember, you are only generating cold leads, so what you don’t want to do is be too specific at this stage. This could cause a loss of interest and trust in the product and can end up costing you more of your marketing budget in the long run.

Lead Generation

Once you have identified the users who have engaged at least once with your content, you can go ahead and start generating leads. 

There is a very useful feature on Facebook that allows you to specially target the users that have previously engaged in your first posts. 

By using this feature, you are refining your audience to a warmer pool that is interested and aware of your brand. Now you can start crafting lead-generating content and prove to your audience why they need your product. 

The content at this stage should include some key details and points about your product that will get your audience more excited and start engaging deeper.

Some ideas to generate leads at this stage would be to offer some interactive content such as Facebook ads, workshops, events, challenge emails, or product trials. 


If you can imagine a funnel, this is where the hard work pays off and sales start flowing downward through the spout. The nurturing stage is the tipping point where your leads will make their decision to ultimately buy your product. 

By this stage, you have forged a relationship with most of your audience through lead-generated content. Now you can continue to nurture your potential customers through a continuous flow of content. Examples of nurturing content could be emails, detailed product videos, or targeted Facebook ads. 

Users often need reassurance at the bottom of the sales funnel, so a good idea would also be to include some testimonials and reviews. This is also an opportune time to offer promo codes and discounts to accelerate conversion and encourage purchasing at the direct one-on-one level. 

The sales funnel mechanism will continue to work as a lean, mean converting machine if you keep retargeting and regenerating content specific to your audience. 

Facebook Content Specialists

The Facebook sales funnel is often most effective for first-time business owners finding their voice but can also be useful for established independent companies. 

Selling on Facebook is possible, and the Marketing Specialists at Grid Creative Agency can help convert your sales effectively with the Facebook sales funnel and other social media strategies. 

We work one on one with our clients to pin-point blind spots and opportunities, craft marketing solutions, and accelerate massive results. We’ve been recognized by DesignRush as one of the top legal marketing agencies, as well as the top SEO consultants in Toronto.
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