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Instagram Marketing as a Video Sharing Platform

Content creation and video production are going to become more important than ever on Instagram according to this announcement according to the head of Instagram. 

In the past, the social media app has focused on photo sharing. Now, it sets its sights on competitors like TikTok, who are taking the world by storm. 

One billion people use Instagram. So, what does this mean for influencers and advertisers? Will you still have the same success? 

Instagram Marketing is no doubt going to have to change. How will that be done? 

These are some Instagram marketing tips. 


You may have to place greater importance on timing, or change your strategy entirely here. 

Sure, people may like to watch the occasional short video in the middle of a workday to pass the time. However, it is weekends that really shine for content. 

According to this study, content posted on the weekends has 27.3% more interactions than content posted on weekdays. 

This could be crucial, especially if the transition to video production increases viewership. Currently, videos have 49% more interaction than images. 

So, if you are a content creator, you need to keep this in mind, because shifting more towards videos could mean an even greater difference in interactions between content on weekends and weekdays. 

Opportunities to Connect 

Instagram video for businesses can allow you to have a better opportunity to connect with your audience than a photo can. Connecting with your audience is one of the keys to social media marketing. 

With videos, you can get more creative with ways to connect. For example, you can have a representative for your business host a Q+A live on Instagram. 

This would allow you to engage personally with your audience and be able to answer their questions directly. It also shows a time investment, as an audience may see that you are taking time out of your schedule to answer all of their questions and either clear up issues or get a better understanding of you and/or your product. 

Videos allow you to be more personal than a photo can, and businesses can taking advantage of that with a platform that caters more to videos. 

More Authentic 

Let’s face it, big problems on Instagram these days are the number of fake accounts, bought followers, and fake engagement to try to simulate popularity for certain people and brands. 

Well, with videos, this allows you to have more authentic marketing. People will be able to see who you are. You have more opportunities to address individual customers directly, and most importantly, put a face and voice to you and your product. 

Videos feel more personal, and people would feel less like the content is fake or at least not what it seems. 

Change Your Instagram Marketing 

Let’s face it, change is coming to Instagram Marketing. Do you want to make sure that you are on the right side of it? 

Contact us, we’re a social media marketing agency and get the right guidance so that we can build something together. 

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