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Hush Blankets Iced 2.0

We partnered with Hush Blankets, a leading provider of premium quality weighted blankets, to create an engaging video promoting their latest product, the Ice Blanket 2.0. As an ecommerce content agency, we took on the challenge of showcasing the unique features of the Ice Blanket 2.0 and effectively communicating its benefits to potential customers.

Our team of experts closely collaborated with Hush Blankets, taking an innovative and creative approach to the project. We used our storytelling skills to create a visually stunning and informative video that brought the product to life and effectively showcased its unique selling points that sets it apart from other weighted blankets in the market.

Through this collaboration, we were able to capture the essence of the Hush Blankets brand and create a video that not only promotes the product but also highlights the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

We are proud of the results we achieved and remain dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. We look forward to future collaborations with Hush Blankets and other forward-thinking companies as we continue to use our expertise to help them promote their products to a wider audience through engaging and compelling content.


Create a video to advertise the cooling effect of the Iced 2.0 Hush Blanket

  • Strategy

    Videography, Post Production, Photography

  • Client

    Hush Blankets

  • Tags

    Social Media

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