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Mucho Burrito – Social Media Management

Mucho Burrito is a popular Mexican restaurant that offers fresh and flavorful dishes. Recently, the company partnered with our agency to manage their social media efforts. Our team provided calendar development, content creation, videography, and photography support to bring the company’s brand to life on social media.

Our team developed a comprehensive social media calendar that included a mix of posts highlighting the delicious food, vibrant atmosphere, and fun culture at Mucho Burrito. We also created engaging content, including videos and photos, to showcase the fresh ingredients and bold flavors of the dishes.

In addition to the calendar and content, our team also provided videography and photography support to capture the energy and excitement of Mucho Burrito. The resulting videos and photos were used in social media posts, as well as on the company’s website and other marketing materials.

The results of our efforts were outstanding. Mucho Burrito saw a significant increase in engagement on social media, as well as a boost in website traffic and in-store sales. Many customers commented on the delicious food and fun atmosphere, and the company’s social media following continued to grow.

Overall, our team’s efforts helped to bring Mucho Burrito’s brand to life on social media and drive business success. We are proud to have partnered with such a vibrant and exciting company.


Help Mucho Burrito manage their social media on a monthly basis

  • Strategy

    Videography, Post Production, Photography, Campaign Development

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Art Direction, Copywriting

  • Client

    Mucho Burrito

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    Social Media

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