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9 Canadian Brands Crushing It On Social Media

Did you know that Instagram is transitioning into an online marketplace? For this reason, Instagram is actually prioritizing shoppable accounts, like the nine powerful Canadian apparel brands we’ll discuss in this article. 

The growth and success of these Canadian apparel brands are also in part due to their relentless pursuit of creating the most engaging video content for social media. If you want exponential growth on social media, you must leverage video via Instagram reels and TikTok content. 

We’ll share with you nine examples of how apparel brands can grow on IG and TikTok with “scroll-stopping” content! Keep reading.

1. Lululemon

Canadian apparel brands are leveraging the power of Instagram Reels and TikTok to fuel their growth! Lululemon is an example of how using video can boost your engagement. 

They use user challenges and user-generated content and repost it to their Instagram reels. The result? User-generated content in video form is an easy way to build trust with new audiences. Audiences see themselves in your existing customers and it takes no money or time from you to create this content.

2. Spencer Badu

If your business is not on Instagram reels yet, you’re about two years late. But that’s ok. Instagram has some beef with TikTok, their main competitor. 

After TikTok launched in 2019, Instagram quickly followed suit and made Instagram Reels TikTok’s rival. But this is good news for your business. As TikTok continues to grow and consume Instagram’s market share, Instagram pushes accounts that use Reels.

This is still true today in 2022. 

As you can see, Spencer Badu does an excellent job of posting consistently on Instagram reels. While Instagram and TikTok are at war with one another, your business should be on at least one, if not both platforms. 

3. Frank and Oak

A collaboration with an influencer or other brand demonstrates how apparel brands can grow on IG. Frank and Oak did a collaboration with Albert Banahene Jr. 

reels collaboration is powerful when compared to a static post. The video is an opportunity for audiences to see your product IRL. People will be able to hear someone actually sharing their thoughts on your brand it creates a much more authentic and trustworthy image.

4. Muttonhead

Muttonhead’s Instagram reels made their business account grow. Every business owner’s dream. What is the reason it is so much easier to go viral on reels than on stories or your Instagram feed?

This is due to the explore page. When your brand publishes an IG reel, not only do your followers see it, but it gets shared to accounts that don’t follow your page and can end up on the explore page, a page dedicated to discovery by potential customers, buyers, and general awareness of new content. 

5. Oak+Fort

This Canadian apparel brand does an excellent job cross-promoting its video content. The beauty of Instagram reels and TikTok is in their similarity. If you’re strapped for time, you can create content for one platform and simply repost it to the other.

Oak+Fort does this as you can see a lot of the content is the same on their IG reels and TikTok. However, the audiences they’re reaching are completely different. Simply cross-promoting your content is a way to double your growth with the same amount of effort. 

6. Kuwalla Tee

While Oak+Fort cross-promotes and this strategy has worked for them, Kuwalla Tee leverages the unique Reels and TikTok algorithms to its advantage. Instagram Reels and TikTok are not the same monsters. 

At any given time the sounds, hashtags, and topics trending on the two platforms are incredibly different. Part of the key to growth on each is to use trending effects and sounds during their given “window.” 

As a business owner, you might need to focus on the bigger picture. A social media coordinator can help you stay up to date with trends and create trending content relevant to your niche for both Instagram and TikTok. 

7.  Reigning Champ

One of the unique ways showing how apparel brands can grow on IG is demonstrated in this video by the brand. Creating an opportunity for your audience to engage immediately boosts your visibility. The way the algorithm works is based on engagement.

They will first show your video to a small set of users. If there is demonstrated engagement via likes and comments, the audience your content is shown to grows and grows. Eventually, your video can get thousands or millions of views leading to new followers.

8.  Roots

As mentioned above Instagram Reels and TikTok are the same, but different. However, the strategy that must be consistent on both is staying relevant to your business. Roots creates TikTok content that is relevant to their niche. 

As a business owner, you’re most likely on social media to raise awareness to generate revenue. If you’re getting lots of views, but from the wrong audience it can lead to frustrating results.

Roots is a great example of how dialing in on your niche builds the right audience, not just a large one. 

9. Kotn

When you’re a business owner. it’s easy to get technical with social media. You might only want to show the polished parts of your brand. But Kotn shows that your imperfect, behind-the-scenes bits can be just as interesting as your polished marketing campaigns. 

Simply put, have fun with your videos! 

How You Can Replicate These Canadian Apparel Brands Growth?

With a proper social media strategy, you can be just like these nine Canadian apparel brands boosting their awareness- and their bottom line. It just takes one video to change your life. But what do you do after you’ve gone viral?

Customers expect a certain level of quality and unique content from businesses. In order to differentiate, you need recognizable content which is developed with plenty of brainstorming behind-the-scenes. 

Say hello and we can help you upgrade your social media and stay ahead of your competition!

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